You’re an idiot, but I love you.

I hate how you always managed to make me feel better EVEN when I’m worrying about you.

I hate how you never seemed to be able to trust me enough to tell me what upsets you..

I hate no matter how hard I try, she’ll always be the first. 🙂

I hate how I never cross your mind.

I hate no matter how hard I tried I always fail to make you feel better.

I hate her.

I hate you guys.

When you said that, the first thing that came to my mind was..


Stay strong okay?

I’m always here for you, even if you never really need me in the first place.

It’s okay, you have her.

I trust her to make you happier, doing whatever I had been trying for over one year.

You’re.. such an idiot.

But I love you.

I like her so much. But I hate her.

I love you, and I hate you guys.



Today my dad took us to take photos, for passport? :O
He said he plans to take us to China or somewhere for vacations this year or next year. O_O

To visit the relatives we never met before. 🙂

:O And I just found out when you take photos for passport, you have to show your ears and brows.
And the photographer, my dad’s friend, was like, “Little girl, do it la, because government said so ma~ xD”

Well I just got my bangs cut so it’s sorta between long and short, so I took the photo without smiling because I’m too annoyed by the fact that it kept falling awkward over my face when I tried to tuck it behind my ears.

“I don’t have to smile, because the government didn’t say so.”


And somehow everyone seemed to find that funny because they laughed. -_-

And I bought a ribbon headband! 😀 Cute big bow in the color of beige. :3
Picture up soon.

And I just realize how lifeless I am, spending all my time on tumblr, wordpress and gsm plus MSN.

I’m too excited to write a welcome post.

So I’mma get started right away. :3

So today, was the last class we have with our awesome english teacher, Ms.H. I never really feel anything when teachers are going away, ya’ know, I never even like school, actually. -_______-

But she’s pretty awesome. ❤ Her classes are never boring.

You rock, Ms.H. Best of luck in everything, you’re awesome. 😀

So today we’re doing drama Gulp and Gasp for English. Which turned out to be fun. 😀 Yan Sheng, was being hilarious, the way he always does.

Every word he spits out make you laugh like crazy even though there was nothing remotely funny about that line. Just looking at his face makes you wanna laugh. He’s like, THE Mr Bean. 😀

And Terence actually took off his pants, ROFL. xD

Our beloved Alfred Gaga, was acting stupid of course :3 He was supposed to. The nerd look was brilliant. 😀

It was fun. :3 I enjoyed every single minute of it. 😀
Unfortunately, no pictures. :(((

And one last thing before the awesome day ended. Zhen Gang is fine ya’ know, so much better when he liked bullying me last year, and I didn’t even know him. Wtf. but the fact that he sseemed to think smart people are all lifeless, is so damn annoying. And we didn’t force you come here. You got yourself into all these shits. :L

For God’s sake, if you really know us, you’ll know we don’t actually study until exam. Some of us don’t even do our homework or listen in class, just like you. So stop thinking that you’re so cool or something. Get over it.  -___________-

So stop acting like you know everything and go, “One day don’t study wont die wan la”, and repeating it over and over again when people ignore it.

Other than that, I’m sure you’re an okay person. 🙂

But seriously? Get over it.

Oh and I forgot! 😀